Career and life coaching for professionals

The Good Career and Life, coaching for professionals provides you with an experienced outside perception, and goal focused advice. We add new perspectives, offering you a broader choice of options to achieve the career and life goals that matter most to you.

In our coaching we aim at finding and implementing what works specifically for you. This means the particular shape of your coaching process is dependent on the goal and the focus you choose. We guarantee our part in the coaching process.

Our engagement with you is result and goal oriented. You set the goal. Together we take the necessary steps to achieve results and accomplish your goal.

Why coaching with us?

We have over thirty years of international experience in coaching professionals, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and others who set goals for themselves. Our focus is on you, your profession and life, and your desired future. If there is a matching between us, we can advise you how to achieve your career and life goals.

We offer a getting to know each other meeting in a first phone/skype conversation about what you want and the situation.  Give us a call, let us call you or send us a mail, and we will take it from there. Find our contact details below.

Iris Dorreboom
+31 623 35 45 75
id (at)
Skype: iris.dorreboom

Rudi de Graaf
+31 623 35 35 44
rg (at)